If the shelves have been checked by you additionally the recently came back trolleys and cannot find

If the shelves have been checked by you additionally the recently came back trolleys and cannot find

If the shelves have been checked by you additionally the recently came back trolleys and cannot find


You are able to issue and get back things at all self-issue devices.

  • To see whenever loans are due
  • To put holds
  • To see whenever holds are accessible to gather

You are able to login to MySouthampton software to see your collection account.

Just How numerous products can we borrow?

You are able to borrow as much as 15 things.

Inside your limitation of 15, you’ll borrow as much as 3 program collection (brief loan) things.

In the event that you borrow an inter-library loan product, this will not count against your total of 15 products.

Loan durations

You will find four loan that is different:

Long loan (white) products are released for the extensive duration and then immediately renewed. These things could be recalled, then you may have a to return them week.

One loan (yellow) items issued for a week and then automatically renewed week. These things could be recalled, then you will have three times to go back them.

Quick loan (green) – things are given until 11.00 have always been the after day. These products come in sought after and cannot be renewed.

Guide – can only just be applied within the collection.

All i tems have actually coloured labels in, and brief loan items have back stickers to recognize them on racks.

Imagine if the product i would like is on loan?

In the event that product you want happens to be on loan, you are able to ask it be recalled using the ‘Place hold’ choice www.virginiacashadvance.com regarding the product record in WebCat.

Whenever placing the hold, you can even select which collection to get your hold from.

We shall email your university account if the product can be acquired to get.

Products take place for 3 days.

Let’s say the book I require has reached another web site?

If the book you’ll need is present at a library that is different the main one you normally make use of, it may be delivered to the collection of one’s option for collection.

You’ll request long loan or 1 week loan products.

Re Re Re Search WebCat to obtain the product you’ll then like and make use of the ‘Place hold’ choice to request the product.

We will tell you once the product is present. This will be within two days that are working. Things take place for collection for three times.

Let’s say the item can be obtained not regarding the rack?

It might be some other person is utilizing it within the collection but have not granted it yet.

The item please ask during the assistance desk.

Let’s say the collection does not have the product i would like?

You might need to utilize the Inter-Library Loans service.

We will request the item from another collection for you.

Inter-library loan demands could be put utilizing WebCat.

How do you borrow?

Using your ID card, which will be additionally your collection card it is possible to borrow things.


You can easily borrow products your self making use of certainly one of our self-issue machines during library opening hours.

Assist desk

It is possible to just just simply take what to an assistance desk therefore we can issue the publications for your needs. Some opening that is library are more than the changing times our assistance desks are staffed so please check opening hours.

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