Collection of articles by on the subject of North Korea conflict dpa North and South Korea are still formally in a state of war.

Collection of articles by on the subject of North Korea conflict dpa North and South Korea are still formally in a state of war.

Collection of articles by on the subject of North Korea conflict dpa North and South Korea are still formally in a state of war.

Biegun also contradicted speculation that North Korea was not ready to meet with him during his visit to the region. “” We have not asked for a meeting with the North Koreans. “” The special envoy had recently classified the chances of a new summit with North Korea before the US presidential election in November as slim. Trump has so far relied on his good relations with the North Korean ruler in order to be able to continue the negotiations. South Korea’s Special Envoy for the Korean Peninsula and Security Issues, Lee Do Hoon, said after meeting with Biegun that Biegun had reiterated that the US wanted to remain flexible in order to reach a “” balanced deal “” with North Korea. Biegun had also previously met with Foreign Minister Kang Kyung Wha and her first deputy Cho Sei Young to discuss the situation on the peninsula and bilateral relations.

Biegun will travel to Japan on Thursday, when a court in South Korea has for the first time demanded damages from Kim for two South Koreans who had been imprisoned for decades. “This is a milestone,” said the two plaintiffs’ attorney, Koo Chung-seo, following the decision on Tuesday. The men said they were detained in the north for decades and had to do forced labor. As a court spokeswoman for the AFP news agency announced, the Central District Court of Seoul ruled that North Korea and ruler Kim must each pay 21 million won (15,500 euros) to the plaintiffs. The men’s defense lawyers welcomed the ruling, which was the first “” to target “” illegal acts by Kim Jong Un.

The court has now paved the way for further legal action against Kim and his regime, said Koo. The two plaintiffs, now 87 and 90 years old, said they were captured during the Korean War between 1950 and 1953. After the armistice between the two warring brother states, however, they were not returned to their homeland. Instead, they had to work for decades in coal mines and other facilities in North Korea before they managed to escape via China. The men returned to South Korea in 2000 and 2001.

In 2016 they filed a lawsuit over the “” enormous psychological and physical damage “” caused by the forced labor. To ensure that the plaintiffs are compensated, a citizen group announced legal action after the verdict. Accordingly, North Korean assets under the control of Seoul are to be confiscated. According to the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul, about 170,000 North Korean and Chinese prisoners were in the POW camps of the United States-led UN troops after the war ended, while 100,000 South Korean and UN soldiers were held in the north. According to the government in Seoul, Pyongyang only convicted 8,343 South Koreans after the ceasefire.biology essay service company

North Korea continues to deny the allegations to this day. The soldiers from the south were not detained in the north against their will. Source:, lri / dpa / AFP “Kim Jong Un at the meeting of the military commission. (Photo: dpa) While the nuclear negotiations with the USA are on hold , the leadership in North Korea is apparently considering expanding the “” nuclear war deterrent “” The army should also become more effective in other areas. North Korea says it wants to increase its atomic effectiveness.

The state media reported that ruler Kim Jong Un had led an expanded meeting of the Labor Party’s military commission at which a “” new policy for the further expansion of the country’s nuclear deterrent “” was set out. “” Decisive measures were also “” taken “” to significantly increase the firepower of the artillery pieces of the Korean People’s Army. There had also been discussions about putting the strategic armed forces “” on high alert. What the new policy would look like was unclear. North Korea is subject to harsh international sanctions because of its nuclear weapons program.

The nuclear negotiations with the US have not made any progress since the summit between the two countries in Vietnam in February 2019. The state news agency KCNA announced shortly after a report by the Washington Post that the US had issued a warning to Russia for the first time since 1992 and China should have considered a nuclear test. The administration of US President Donald Trump discussed this possibility at a meeting on May 15, the newspaper quoted a senior government official and two former US officials. The head of the non-governmental organization Arms Control Association, Daryl Kimball, told the Washington Post “” Said that such a decision would probably disrupt negotiations with Kim, “” who may no longer feel compelled to adhere to his moratorium on nuclear tests “”. Source:, ino / AFP / dpa “It lasted seven minutes today the first test flight of a two-seat pilot-free drone in Seoul.

It flew about 1.8 kilometers across the Han River without passengers and was intended to show onlookers what travel could look like in 2025. An electrically powered EH 216 aircraft from the Chinese manufacturer EHang was used for the flight. South Korean companies including the car manufacturer Hyundai and Hanwha Systems also exhibited their own model flying taxis at the event. Source: “Fire inferno in South Korea: In the industrial and port city of Ulsan, a 33-story high-rise is in flames.

 Source: “South Korean soldiers patrol the border with North Korea. After previous threats, North Korea is now refraining from military action for the time being. (Photo: dpa) Leaflet campaigns by South Korean activists have recently led to significant tension in the conflict. North Korea is reacting with a resurgence of military exercises at the border and threats of retaliation – now Kim Jong Un is unexpectedly relying on de-escalation.

After the threat of military action against its neighbor South Korea, North Korea is again sending out a relaxation signal. The Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party made an assessment of the current situation at a preliminary meeting chaired by ruler Kim Jong Un and decided to suspend “” the military action plans against South Korea “”, the state media reported. Reasons for the decision were not given.

At the meeting, which was held by video link, documents on “” measures to further strengthen war deterrence “” were also discussed, it said. Tensions on the Korean peninsula had recently intensified again. North Korea reacted angrily to a propaganda campaign by South Korean activists and North Korean refugees who, at the end of May, sent around 500,000 balloon-packed leaflets northwards criticizing the autocratic leadership in Pyongyang. Pyongyang accused the Seoul government of tolerating these actions, which were often taken at the border, and threatened with consequences. With the current decision, according to observers, North Korea seems to further soften its sharp tone and to give both sides more time for a solution for the time being.

The South Korean news agency Yonhap reported, citing the military, that North Korea also seems to be dismantling speakers that the country had previously installed on the border for possible propaganda broadcasts. Without explicitly mentioning a military strike, North Korea recently announced retaliatory measures. After the interruption of inter-Korean communication lines and the demolition of a joint liaison office, North Korea’s army command announced last week that it would resume military exercises near the border and relocate soldiers to formerly shared industrial and tourist areas. The military should also support leaflet campaigns against South Korea. Kim Jong Un, who had already met with South Korean President Moon Jae In several times, left it to his influential sister, Kim Yo Jong, to give instructions.

Pyongyang turned down an offer from Seoul for clarification. The rhetoric against South Korea was already somewhat milder after the destruction of the liaison office, wrote the news site “38 North”, which specializes in North Korea, on Thursday. “It is unclear how far North Korea will go to signal a break with South Korea, but it left enough room to de-escalate if and when it deems appropriate.” “Since the failed summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Vietnam in February 2019 are not only stuck with negotiations on the North Korean nuclear weapons program. The inter-Korean relations have not made any progress since then. Source:, ysc / dpa “Joe Biden phoned Japan’s Prime Minister Suga and assured him that he would support the USA. (Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS / imago images / Kyodo News) Joe Biden telephones Japan and assures Prime Minister Suga that he intends to adhere to existing contracts. And the alliance with South Korea is also important to the future US president, as he emphasizes in another telephone conversation. The future US President Joe Biden has US partners Close cooperation in Asia and the Pacific was promised.The Democrat called the heads of state and government of Australia, South Korea and Japan on Thursday.

Allies’ concerns that the US might withdraw from existing defense alliances were countered by Biden with a clear commitment to his country’s obligations. According to the Japanese government, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga spoke of an “” increasingly serious security situation “” in the region. Biden then emphasized his “” deep commitment to the defense of Japan “” and to treaties that have been in place for decades, Biden’s transition team said. This also applies to the Senkaku Islands, Biden said. The archipelago is disputed between China and Japan; Biden’s announcement is likely to spark protests in Beijing. In his 14-minute phone conversation with South Korea’s President Moon Jae In, Biden described the alliance between Washington and Seoul as “the” heart of security and prosperity “in the region.

With a view to common challenges such as the nuclear threat from North Korea or climate change, he wants to work closely with South Korea. The South Korean presidential office announced that Moon and Biden wanted to meet “” as soon as possible “” after Biden’s inauguration. US President Donald Trump, who remains in office until January 20 after his defeat in the presidential election, had the withdrawal from around 20,000 US soldiers from South Korea and Japan considered. Fear grew in the countries that the United States would not stand by their side in the event of a military escalation, for example in the conflict with North Korea. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison invited Biden to mark the 70th anniversary of security cooperation between his country and the USA to come to Australia in the coming year.

Morrison spoke of a “” very cordial conversation “” with Biden. The future US president is said to have also addressed the fight against climate change in the phone call – a topic that the conservative Australian government has neglected from the point of view of its critics. Source:, nan / AFP “News and information at a glance Collection of articles by on the subject of North Korea conflict dpa North and South Korea are still formally at war, with military incidents in the region regularly.

According to a report, there has now been an exchange of fire between the two states. Media and intelligence reports fuel rumors about Kim Jong Un’s health. South Korea is now denying that North Korea’s rulers are dead. Rather, he is in a vacation town. According to several media outlets, North Korea’s ruler Kim is seriously ill.

US President Trump describes these reports as “” false “”. “” I hope he’s okay, “said Trump. Did Kim Jong Un have to undergo surgery or not? According to President Trump, the US government does not know. As a precaution, he nevertheless wishes the North Korean rulers all the best.

The local state media are meanwhile in silence. North Korea has been ignoring the moratorium on nuclear and ICBM testing for some time. According to South Korean information, it is now firing several missiles again. It is said to be guided missiles that can shoot down ships. North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un is apparently currently working on the architecture of the leadership of the isolated country.

His sister, one of the most famous faces of the dictatorship, can look forward to a quick comeback in the Politburo. Despite UN bans, North Korea fired missiles into the sea again yesterday. Now the state news agency provides details: They have tested a “” super-large multiple rocket launcher “” – and it did so successfully. Italy is particularly suffering from the corona pandemic. There are thousands of deaths.

The hospitals are overburdened and there is a lack of doctors and breathing equipment, among other things. Several countries are now sending aid to the Mediterranean country. People also help each other elsewhere.

The diplomatic thaw between the USA and North Korea has so far only been short-lived and has not been a resounding success. Now US President Trump is said to have made a new attempt. UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from testing weapons with ballistic missiles. Still, the country doesn’t seem to be sticking to it. Now a rocket launcher is said to have been used again. “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by on the subject of North Korea conflict dpa US President Trump evaluates the summit meeting with North Korea’s ruler Kim as a success, thanks the “” Chairman Kim “” for his “” daring “”. And Kim? He also praises and assumes an end to the sanctions. Trump has promised this.

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump get closer in Singapore. The Asia expert Bernt Berger explains what a disarmament process could look like. He can even imagine joint military exercises as a confidence-building measure. A denuclearization of North Korea would of course be “” great for the world “”, as US President Trump says.

However, the methods behind this potential success are less good. A comment by Hubertus Volmer A historic summit meeting, pictures that will make history: the meeting between US President Trump and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un is considered a sensation.

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